3 Cigar Lighters That Blow My Mind!

Okay maybe they don’t blow my mind but they are so awesome that I can’t conceive that they exist. Yes let’s put it that way even though the title of the post won’t make any sense.

Anyways continuing on my cigar smoking journey one of the things you really need to have to truly enjoy a cigar is a lighter. That is why when I started looking for one it became clear how huge of a market it is and how awesome of the products were.

This is my take on

3 Best Cigar Lighters when it comes to Design!

Just to keep it clear these are designs and there functionality that I thought was awesome maybe they work well in reality maybe they don’t but I am talking about the main concern from what I have seen of them online.

So let’s start with our list:-

Tonino Lamborghini Torch Flame

ToninoThis one is by the famous brand Lamborghini and looks beautiful but it is not why it is in the list, it is in the list because of it’s flame, which burns from torch source but gives out candle flame above.

It’s ridiculous to me how beautifully it works and I can’t understand how can it work so well and yet it does with no issues or worries.

This will probably the lighter that I will get, I am not sure yet. One thing that I am damn sure about is how awesome looking it is along with that flame which steals my heart.

Image by – selection of lighters by cigar hunk – Cigarhunk

Rocky Patel Vintage L.E. Dual Lighter

RP_VINTAGE_RED_SIDE_LIGHTER-500x500This lighter is just so classy for it’s price that I am really considering getting it. It is not available on amazon though so I will have to choose to whether I should get it from all the other websites which don’t provide any reviews.

I am in love with the design but without any reviews it is hard for me to decide whether or not to get it considering that I can’t find any legible reviews for it.

Image by Rockypatel Vintage Lighter – Rocky Patel

Vertigo Cyclone II Lighter

Okay honestly this lighter looks to me the most out of the box that is available today. With its quirky design and lovable small size I am really in love with it and honestly I will either get this one or the Lambhorgini one.

This one is also on the bit higher side so I am going to dig deep to find if the quality is worth the money or not.

This was my list of top out of the box heart catching cigar lighters that I came across online. Do you have any suggestions?


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