Apples that want to smoke a cigar!

If you are one of those unique apples who love smoking a cigar and want to do more of it fear not cause I have come to help you understand and give tips about how to smoke a cigar better then ever.

First things first you will need certain stuff to start this journey. You will need the best cigar lighter and a very good cigar cutter.

These two are absolute essential accessories when it comes to smoking a cigar. You can buy them easily online on sites ┬álike amazon and stuff so don’t worry about it too much.

Other then that you also need to know how to light a cigar and how to cut it correctly.

For this I will suggest you watch this video so you can get the basic idea of what to do and what not to do.

Once you have lit the cigar it is time to enjoy it, remember we don’t inhale cigar smoke. Cigar smoke is too strong with very high nicotine strength and if you inhale you will end up coughing all over the place.

Once you have started enjoying the cigar its time to sit back relax and enjoy that flavor along with the aromatic smell of it.

You should also know that while smoking a cigar you don’t push the ash off the cigar like you do with a cigarette. Instead you wait for it to fall off on its own in the ashtray.

Once you are done its time to put it out and to do so just push the cigar in and crush it so that even the particles that are burning inside flame off.

With that you know all the basics to enjoying a cigar.

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